Charities Advisory Trust

Your questions answered:

Q Do I have to be an expert?
A No, you just have to be interested in this changing world. Even experts are no longer expert.


Q Will I be lonely?
A We pride ourselves on being friendly and inclusive - our staff will make sure no one is left out.


Do I have to join in and be a team player?
A No. We recognise that some people need 'down time' to absorb their experiences.


Q Do I have to go on all the visits?
A No. There is no obligation. We provide the opportunities and participants can pick and choose which reflect their interests.


Q I have a particular interest. Can you fix special visits for me?
A Yes we can certainly try. If its legal and ethical. We have over 20 years experience of working with the community in Mysore, so are pretty well connected.


Q Will I get sick?
A We choose venues that have healthy climates. It is not a malarial area (though we can't guarantee a stray mosquito isn't malarial). We do recommend using an insect repellent and sun cream. Ask your doctor for advice.


Q What happens if I get ill?
A European-trained doctors and dentists are on call. Good hospital care is available. Make sure you have travel insurance to cover the costs.


Q Will I need to take a lot of spending money?
A Some people manage on £100 for the whole trip, others go on a shopping spree, or hire taxis to take them on 40 mile journeys. There are ATMs in the town, or cash and travellers cheques can be changed at the Green Hotel.


Q I have special dietary needs.
A Let us know. So far we have dealt with gluten intolerance, starch intolerance, allergies to mushrooms, dislike of chilli, lactose intolerance. All meals cater for vegetarians as well as omnivores.


Q I have limited mobility.
A Frankly, India is not a disability aware country and the pavements (or lack of them) are challenging for the able bodied. But we have had people with limited mobility travel with us and worked around the problems. Just ask and we promise to answer honestly.


Q If you had to summarise your Discovery Tours what would you say?
A Friendly, interesting, wonderful opportunities to open your mind to new ideas. Thought provoking and unique.